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  • Etech Blogs Post

    Hello everyone!! This is our Etech Blogger Post in this blog post you can see the 10 uncommonly used Filipino words enjoy your reading Guy’s!!!!

    10 Uncommonly used Filipino words
    We are aware that some foreigners find it difficult to pick up Tagalog. However, the truth is that despite our proficiency in our mother tongue, we Filipinos still have a lot to learn and struggle.

    Here are some uncommonly used Filipino words:

    1.Filipino used word: Panginain

    English Word:Browser

    Definition: a computer (browser) that is used to find and look at information on the internet.

    Example: Ako ay hahanap ng mga halimbawa ng bulaklak sa aking panginain.

    2. Filipino used word: Payneta

    English Word: Comb

    Definition: A strip of plastic, metal, or wood with a row of narrow teeth, used for untangling or arranging the hair

    Example: Ang payneta ni Anna ay marumi.

    3.Filipino Word: Pook-sapot

    English translation: Website

    Definition: A group of World Wide Web pages usually containing hyperlinks to each other and made available online by an individual, company, educational institution, government, or organization.

    Example: Kailangan naming bisitahin ang pook-sapot na sinabi ng aming guro para sa susunod naming talakayan.

    4.Filipino Word: Hatinig

    English translation: Telephone

    Definition: An instrument for reproducing sounds at a distance specifically : one in which sound is converted into electrical impulses for transmission, as by wire or radio wave.

    Example: Gumamit si Nanay ng hatinig upang tawagan ang kanyang kapatid na nasa California.

    5.Filipino Word: Pantablay

    English translation: Charger

    Definition: A device for charging storage batteries.

    Example: Paubos na ang laman ng baterya ng aking cellphone, kailangan ko na ang aking pantablay.Miktinig
    an instrument (microphone) whereby sound waves are caused to generate of

    6. Filipino word: Miktinig

    English translation: Microphone

    Definition: an instrument (microphone) whereby sound waves are caused to generate of modulate an electric current

    Example: Ginamit nila miktinig sa pagsasadula.


    7.Filipino Word: Pangaso

    English translation: Toothbrush

    Definition: A brush for cleaning the teeth (Merriam-Webster).

    Example: Pagkatapos kong kumain, ginagamit ko ang aking pangaso upang linisan ang aking ngipin.

    8.Filipino Word: Paraluman

    English translation: Compass

    Definition: A device for determining directions by means of a magnetic needle or group of needles turning freely on a pivot and pointing to the magnetic north.

    Example: Hindi alam ng mga turista kung saan ang tamang daan kaya kinailangan nila ng paraluman upang hindi na maligaw.

    9.Filipino word: Dupil

    English translation: Amulet

    Definition: an (amulet), the more popular words currently being used are anting-anting and agimat.

    Example: Binigyan ako ng aking mga magulang ng dupil upang makaiwas sa mga masasama.

    10. Filipino word: Batlag

    English Translation : Car

    Definition : A vehicle moving on wheels

    Example : Kapag ako ay nakapagtapos nga aking pag-aaral, bibili din ako ng batlag na kulay asul.